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 More from Digital Nation documentary

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PostSubject: More from Digital Nation documentary   Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:02 pm

to continue from the other thread post #18930

Another thing I learned last night from watching Digital Nation

Army's lastest recruitment tactic : The Army Experience Center

$13 million spent to build a free gaming center in the Mall to acclimatize our youth
to war games

this is just a quick clip, it doesn't show the protest against this covert psy-op
but reports and videos are all over the net, if you want more alarming info

then you might find the info about the Air Force and the unmanned flight/fighter drones
training and operation
(we have a related thread on this too, most countries are scrambling for this technology )

the Air Force is now training more "digital pilots" than ever and the prereqs do not include
any previous flight training, which is a much harder program to get into, they are looking more for
video gaming skills and our youth is very, very enticed by this job offering

like we discussed on an earlier, related thread... many claim because of the 0 casualty
to U.S. soldiers from this method of warfare, the mental "disconnect" to murder is so great, it is frightening


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PostSubject: Re: More from Digital Nation documentary   Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:19 pm

i think most of these war games that are available to get kids into thinking about careers in the military. it becomes an extension of their fun.
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More from Digital Nation documentary
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